Release SCE products, manufactured by pH7, is the chemical-free treatment solution for ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression & dementia and menopausal symptoms.
  • Based on in-depth biological extract research, ground-breaking tested formulas and the best plant heritage – we can guarantee the finest quality products.
  • Every formulation has been done through extensive research and care.
  • Our products are proven safe & extremely effective.
  • All extracts are pure, natural & have been tested stronger than its’ market competitor.
  • Our products are metal-free, chemical- free & vegan friendly.
  • pH7 products contain only medicinal ingredients, included at an optimised dose for their indended purpose. All ingredient combinations are at the optimised dosage to achieve outstanding results.


Our key focus is to create and supply the most natural and pure products – intended for looking after your mental & physical health.

Feeding your brain everything it needs to perform at its’ optimum capacity & assisting in eliminating the effect that stress has on the brain.

Improve your cognitive ability & increase your quality of mindfulness.

Increase peaceful, relaxed thoughts and improve your processing ability.

An alternative to your prescribed scheduled medication. Consider a natural alternative that could be better for you.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting stopping chemical antidepressants. Simply offering an alternative. Consult your doctor before switching.

Release SCE products are designed to improve your life & health.
Assisting in your recovery, in the most subtle & natural way, without any harmful chemicals or their adverse side effects.
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