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Chelated Zinc Bisglycinate

Zinc Bisglycinate is the superior form of Zinc supplementation

Zinc is a micronutrient found in cells throughout your body, it is crucial to many aspects of your health, and especially for your brain. Chelated Zinc Bisglycinate is more easily absorbed by your body and it has shown to work more effectively in the brain region than ordinary zinc supplementation.

Why is it so important?
Zinc is an important cofactor for metabolism relevant to neurotransmitters, prostaglandins, and melatonin, and indirectly affects dopamine metabolism. It is necessary for 100 different metalloenzymes and metal–enzyme complexes, many of them in the central nervous system. It contributes to structure and function of the brain. Low levels of Zinc have a direct effect on your immune system, your mental wellbeing, concentration, sleeping patterns and processing of information.

Chelated Zinc bisglycinate is the best form of supplemental zinc. While zinc supplements may be widely available, not all of them are very effective, as they have low levels of absorption. Chelated Zinc bisglycinate is simply superior in all forms of Zinc, and it is backed up by research and clinical data. The amino acid mineral chelates are that unique and premium form of minerals.
Chelated Zinc Bisglycinate has so many health benefits that it’s almost impossible to list them all. This essential mineral has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects; it’s essential for immunity, mental health, cognitive function, reproduction, skin health, and so much more.

Some of the more prominent benefits of Zinc include:
1. Improves the mental well-being
2. Improves your concentration
3. Improves processing of information
4. Improves your sleeping patterns
5. Assists your immune system defend against viruses and bacteria

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