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Chelated Magnesium Gluconate

Demonstrates the highest oral bio-availability of magnesium salts

Magnesium plays an essential role in helping maintain your overall health – and it is especially important for stress and anxiety. We wanted to add only the best quality chelated magnesium’s and decided on a combination of Magnesium compounds to balance the absorption and efficiency.

We chose Magnesium gluconate to pair with our Magnesium Bisglycinate. Magnesium Gluconate is a supplementary medicine made from a mix of magnesium and gluconic acid. It is commonly used as a higher quality magnesium with less side effects than your average magnesium-oxide/stearate/citrate and works extremely well for people that have a magnesium deficiency.

In general, magnesium’s gluconate benefits to your body are in strengthening your body’s structure and improving your bodies daily functions. It assists your heart by keeping our blood pressure normal and steady.

Another key function of Magnesium gluconate is that it strengthens and boost our immune system, and it has been proven that it is keeping our blood sugar levels normal and that it can lower bad cholesterol, while raising the good cholesterol. Magnesium Gluconate also shows great strength in keeping our bones strong, especially the muscles and nerves. Whereas insufficient magnesium levels can contribute to insomnia, seizures, anxiety, pain, and other neuropsychiatric problems.

Magnesium gluconate is important for many systems in the body, and vital

for the overall wellbeing of the body and the brain. The efficiency, and

safety, and all listed information are all backed up with studies and linked

to clinical data:

Magnesium Gluconate (


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