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Adré Potgieter

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Adré Potgieter

Allow us to introduce you to a remarkable figure in the world of therapy, Mrs. Adré Potgieter, a beacon of empowerment and support.

Her qualifications speak volumes about her dedication and transformative impact on the lives of many.

In the realm of therapists, psychological support, and cognitive expertise, few shine as brightly as Mrs. Adré Potgieter. Her journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to the well-being and growth of others. With deep expertise in trauma therapy and a four-year honours degree in social work with psychology as the main subject, from the prestigious University of Stellenbosch, Adré has established herself as a luminary in her field.

What sets Adré apart is not just her academic achievements but also her continuous pursuit of knowledge. Over the course of 30 years, she has completed 28 courses, showcasing her holistic approach to addressing stress, trauma, and unresolved emotions' impact on the brain and nervous system. Her mission to make a positive impact on individuals and communities has propelled her to distinction in the fields of social work and life coaching.

In 2019, Adré reached another milestone, becoming an International Performance Life Coach and Multi-Level Neuro Life Coach through Perspective Training College. She is a registered member of the International Coaches Register (ICR), demonstrating her commitment to the highest professional standards. She is also an active member of the South African Council of Social Service Professionals (SACSSP) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), further solidifying her position in her field. Adré's affiliation with most medical aids in South Africa underscores her dedication to accessible care.

Adré Potgieter's professional journey began in South Africa, addressing a wide range of social issues. Her move to the UK opened up new avenues, allowing her to focus on child and family welfare. Her private counselling practice, registered with the Association of Christian Counselors, marked a turning point in her career. Through her venture, Adreobic Ltd, she helped individuals break free from limitations and embrace their full potential.

Adré's story is one of resilience and adaptability. Her mission to uplift and support those in need has remained unwavering, whether in the UK, South Africa or even during her stint in The Netherlands.

Her responsibilities encompass a wide array of critical issues, from stress and trauma therapy to addressing ADHD, depression, abuse, addictions, bullying, and more. Her dedication to the "Abuse No More" policy underscores her unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of young minds.

Adré's recent venture into private practice as a Neuro-Life Coach is a testament to her commitment to holistic well-being. Her expertise now extends to areas like sports performance enhancement, pain and stress management, and surgery preparation and recovery.

She has even written an extensive course focusing on teenagers' minds to assist them with the internal struggles of fear, trauma, rejection, and stress-driven symptoms that directly impact their performance, emotional stability, and growth.

Adré Potgieter is an inspiration to all. Her dedication, qualifications, and tireless efforts to change lives make her a true asset to the fields of social work and coaching. Thanks to her, countless individuals have found hope, support, and a path to a brighter future. Release SCE is honoured to partner with her, knowing that together, we can touch even more lives.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Adré Potgieter's journey is a beacon of inspiration for all. Her dedication, qualifications, and tireless efforts in changing lives make her a true asset to the fields of social work and coaching. Through her, countless individuals have found hope, support, and a path to a brighter future.

To learn more about Mrs Adré Potgieter and her transformative work, visit her website or watch her informative videos on YouTube:


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