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1x Forte Capsule 30's + 1x Advance Syrup 200ml

SUPERCHARGED COMBO - The Ultimate Brain Boost Because “Two are always better than one “"Supercharged Combo" a combination that is superior with a fast onset, offering enhanced benefits of high quality, that create an exceptional outcome. Release SCE Forte + Release SCE Advance Syrup.



Supercharged Combo

  • This Supercharged Combo features our one-of-a-kind Release SCE Advance Syrup paired with our classic favourite, Release SCE Forte. Together, these two products form an exceptionally effective combination that uniquely impacts the brain and nervous system. This combo offers a wide range of cognitive and health benefits with immediate results and minimal side effects.

    The Release SCE Supercharged Combo has the fast acting, fast absorbing Fast onset qualities of the Release SCE Advance Syrup with the slow release long-term quality of the Release SCE Forte, with great success for youngsters as little as 2 year olds to old. With the combination of our high quality Neuro Vitamins and Neuro Chelated minerals, Plant extractions and Amino Acids , like your Chelated Magnesium Bisglycinate, Zinc Bisglycinates, Chelated Selenium ,Calcium D Pantothenate ( Vit B5 Folate ( 60% Vit B9), Chromium Polynicotinate, pure L-Theanine extract and our very own, Standardized and Stabilized 3.3% Alkaloid extraction from the Sceletium plant species, Native to Southern Africa. - The Supercharged Combo - The Ultimate Brain Boost – Because two is always better than one.

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